Creative Entrepeneur

Maarten Reijgersberg is a leading creative and practical concept developer. He is the founder and 'endboss' of RAUWcc, the Rotterdam based creative agency. He is also active as public speaker, guest lecturer and super connector. Maarten has mastered the ability to transform wild ideas into effective communication strategies that strengthen brands. Period. His innovative approach ensures a seamless synergy between technology and communication. With his background as a visual artist, his entrepreneurial approach, and his future-oriented vision, he continuously pushes the boundaries of the branding realm.

Public speaker

As a speaker, Maarten is often summoned to international events, delivering thought-provoking keynotes or engaging in panel discussions. His speeches, a blend of contemporary insights and forward thinking, leave audiences inspired; especially on topics like generative AI and virtual brand ambassadors. His eloquence, coupled with a deep understanding of modern digital trends, positions him as a sought-after speaker in a rapidly evolving communicative landscape. Below you will find a selection of events where Maarten will be speaking or has spoken.

CIONET Fast Forward Insights Data & AI
Haarlem (The Netherlands)
3D Makers Zone
Hero Group Digital Commerce Community Meeting
Istanbul (Türkiye)
Yapı Kredi Bomontiada
KVGO Algemene Vergadering: AI + Grafimedia
Purmerend (The Netherlands)


Maarten often pops up in articles, shedding light on fresh insights from RAUWcc and beyond. His work with virtual human Esther Olofsson also catches eyes. Whether it’s pieces on generative AI or innovative projects, Maarten and Esther show how a no-nonsense approach mixed with solid creativity shakes up the communication world. Below you will find a selection of publications and media in which Maarten is mentioned or has contributed to.

Beauty or Beast: Are virtual influencers coming to a destination near you?
City Destinations Alliance (Article)
Das Schicksal der Content Creator im Zeitalter der KI: Austausch oder Koexistenz? (Article)
Random Pic(k) Of The Day For A Week
Adformatie (Article)

Guest Lecturer

With a passion for knowledge transfer, Maarten frequently engages with prestigious institutions worldwide, offering lectures that bridge theoretical understanding with practical industry insights. His lectures are not merely a monologue but rather a dialogue that helps a new generation of communication professionals develop. He stimulates a rich exchange of ideas that challenge both him and his audience to think beyond conventional boundaries. Maarten has given guest lectures at, among others, the institutions below.

Super Connector

Embodying the essence of a super connector, Maarten excels in creating meaningful connections within and beyond his extensive network. His role as a super connector extends beyond mere networking; it’s about fostering relationships that drive mutual growth and innovation. Whether it’s connecting ideas, people, or opportunities, Maarten’s ability to see and create connections is a testament to his holistic approach to the entrepreneurial landscape.